After the first World War Vanhulle Lijnzaad was founded in Torhout. Due to the steady growth, and to ensure continuity, a new site was built in Tournai in 2006 and Flaxseed Trading was born. Notwithstanding the fact that Flaxseed Trading is still a relatively young company, it can fall back on three generations of experience.

B.V.B.A. Vanhulle Lijnzaad

B.V.B.A. Vanhulle Lijnzaad operates internationally as a processor of linseed for human consumption and sowing linseed. The company was set up in 1919 by Mr Eduard Vanhulle, trader in flax and linseed.

In 1944 Eduard was succeeded by his son, Mr Gaston Vanhulle, who held the reigns at the company until 1993.

Today’s CEO of B.V.B.A. Vanhulle Lijnzaad is Mr Raphaël Vanhulle. The company is still active, although the focus has changed somewhat in recent years and Vanhulle Lijnzaad currently mainly operates in the FEED segment. The linseed for consumption purposes is processed in Doornik.

Flaxseed Trading S.A.

When Raphaël Vanhulle’s son gave guarantees about the company’s succession, a new location was sought. A business in a town centre is no longer in keeping with today’s view on society, while there were no more options for expansion either. A good location was essential to allow for smooth deliveries and supplies. Guy Vanhulle is currently managing the site at Tournai.

Raphaël Vanhulle’s years of experience were very useful and appreciated when the company was set up in Tournai. More than anyone else he was capable of uncovering the weaknesses of the site and finding solutions. Based on his interest in technology, automation and digitalisation Guy was very sure about where he wanted to take the company. Today it is a highly technological and modern business open to evolution!

This website wants to offer first of all a short presentation of the company. If you require any additional information, feel free to contact us by means of the contact form, no strings attached!

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